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LDA Consultant Membership

NOTICE - New LDA Consultant Member functionality

LDA Consultant Members can now renew their annual Consultant Membership and OTS registration online. Log in to the members only section and click on Consultant Renew.
For a step-by-step HELP Guide through the process Click here   

Consultant Membership of LDA is available to teachers who have specialised training in areas relevant to the teaching of students with learning difficulties. Such students are generally within the average range of intelligence. Consultant Membership may be taken up by LDA Members who provide tuition to students with learning difficulties. LDA Consultants with the appropriate requirements are eligible to register for the LDA Online Tutor Search, which matches students seeking private tuition to consultants whose areas of expertise match the needs of the student seeking help.

Consultants pay a higher LDA membership fee to cover the administrative costs associated with Consultant Membership, and are required to show evidence of ongoing professional development activities throughout each year of their Consultant Membership.

In Victoria, the Consultants' Committee organises some professional development activities. It has also set up a series of network groups to provide opportunities for professional networking and communication between Consultant members located in different areas of Melbourne as well as in regional centres.  

Applicants for Consultant Membership must have:

  • Current financial membership of LDA, and
  • Post Graduate university qualifications in the area of learning difficulties
  • At least three years teaching experience in a recognised teaching institution, with a focus on learning difficulties. 

To download a Consultant Application form click here

To obtain a list of all requirements to apply for Consultant Membership click here.

  • Applications for Consultant Membership are examined by a Consultants Committee Panel. 
  • Successful applicants may then register with the Online Tutor Search as Consultant teachers and are also eligible to participate in the LDA Group Insurance scheme.
  • All Consultants using the Online Tutor Service and who teach privately must hold Public Liability and Personal Indemnity Insurance.
  • All Consultants using the Online Tutor Search Service and who teach privately must submit current substantiation of suitability for working with children such as a police check.
  • For detailed information about the LDA Consultant Insurance scheme, click here.

 For further information about the Online Tutor Search click here

  • For a HELP detailing How To become a LDA Consultant Member and registration for the LDA Online Tutor Search system, click here
  • For enquiries, please contact us.

Approved Consultant Members who register with the Online Tutor Service must:

  1. Firstly complete an Online Tutor Search registration form – click here
  2. Pay the $100 initial registration fee covering the administration and website modification. Please note: continued OTS registration requires an annual $100 fee to be paid at the time of your Consultant Member Renewal.
  3. Upon confirmation of registration, each tutor will be provided with access to log into their secure LDA Online Tutor Profile, to provide and maintain contact details and areas of specialisation enabling the match of LDA Consultants to the particular needs of clients with learning difficulties. The online Tutor Profile also allows registered Online Tutor Search Consultants to opt in, or out, of the system at any time.

For further information about LDA Consultant Professional Development and to download the forms to complete the annual summary of PD points claimed for renewal of Consultant membership, click here. 

Consultants receive all membership benefits, including two issues of the LDA Journal, the Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties, and three issues of the LDA Bulletin annually, plus online access to back issues of these publications, as well as reduced rates for LDA workshops, seminars and conferences.

To download the LDA Code of Ethics click here and the LDA Consultant Guidelines, click here.

To see LDA Professional Development Workshops, click here.

For a HELP detailing How To become a LDA Consultant Member and registration for the LDA Online Tutor Search click here.

For queries about LDA Consultant Membership, please contact us.



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