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Science of Writing course 2021

Price: $200.00

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Professional Development Hours: 9


***Please note that a recording of each session will be available for viewing for 2 weeks after each session.***

Monday 11 & 18 Oct 2021 7:30 – 9 PM AEDT

Week 1 & 2 Handwriting – science and theory, relevance and practical ideas and applications – Robyn Bartram (Occupational Therapist)

Many students commence school before establishing hand dominance and without an effective or efficient pencil grip. Others may struggle to learn how to form individual letters correctly, often starting in the wrong place and not positioning their letters on the writing line. Students who exhibit these early difficulties often go on to be unable to spell and write whole words, leave spaces between words, write coherent sentences, logical paragraphs and stories.

In this two-part webinar, participants will be introduced to the evidence-based strategies and activities to help students engage and make progress with their early writing skills. The impact of motor, executive, attentional and learning dysfunction on writing will be discussed and participants will learn some strategies to use to promote participation and improve performance in handwriting.

Monday 25 Oct & 1 Nov 2021 7:30 – 9 PM AEDT

Week 3 & 4 Words and grammar – science and theory, relevance and practical ideas and applications – Lyn Stone (Educational linguist and author)

The word ‘grammar’ has been known to come with connotations of dry, boring pedantry. Its importance in a primary curriculum has been questioned for many years, and the answer has been disappointing (to grammar-loving folk anyway). Formal grammar teaching beyond “A noun is a naming word, a verb is a doing word…” has all but left building, but Lyn Stone wants to bring it back in.

In this two-part workshop, Lyn will present an argument that knowing what the parts of speech are really doing, why they’re put in their categories in the first place, and how to teach all that is an advantage to any teacher committed to raising the quality of writing instruction in the classroom.

The presentation, of course, will have much room for questions and queries. Grammar is a deep and broad subject and requires robust discussion. Leave these sessions armed with ready-to-use tools to teach grammar, syntax and morphology in ways that don’t just let grammar back into the building, but throw open the doors and shout, “Get in here, you foxy minx!”

Monday 8 & 15 Nov 2021 7:30 – 9 PM AEDT

Week 5 & 6 Sentences, paragraphs and essays – science and theory, relevance and practical ideas and applications – Jenny Baker (Speech Pathologist)

The construction of extended written text is a complex process; it draws on multiple processes of ideation, language structure and mechanics. Students who struggle to write cohesively and coherently benefit from the provision of explicit (and reliable) “formulas” that help them navigate their way through the macrostructure of each text type.

In this two-part webinar, participants will be introduced to an issue-based text “formula” and a narrative-based text “formula”. In addition, the specific language features associated with each text type will be explored and examples will be provided. Participants will learn how to teach emphasis, imagery and atmosphere via specific linguistic devices.


This event will be held online. A link to the event will be sent to registrants closer to the date.

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