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Postgraduate courses on learning difficulties

A number of universities now offer postgraduate courses in the area of learning difficulties.  These courses provide an opportunity for teachers wishing to obtain specialist training in this area to further their professional learning and upgrade their qualifications.

Information relating to the following courses has been provided to LDA.  This information does not cover all relevant courses that might be available.  However, we would be pleased to add other courses to this listing if relevant information is provided to LDA.

The University of Melbourne Graduate Certificate in Education (Specific Learning Difficulties)

This one year part-time postgraduate course in Specific Learning Difficulties, offered by the University of Melbourne, comprises four compulsory units and is held at the Parkville campus. It is designed for the professional development of teachers and others who wish to have a better understanding of the needs of students with specific learning disabilities, and can lead onto a Master of Learning Intervention (specialising in Specific Learning Difficulties).

 Compulsory Units of study include:

  1. Learning Disabilities: Literacy
  2. Learning Disabilities: Numeracy
  3. The Psychology of Exceptional Learners
  4. Language and Literacy Intervention 1

 Students completing this Course will be able to:

•deepen their knowledge and extend their understanding in the general area of educational thought and practice in the area of specific learning difficulties;

•acquire a substantial understanding of relevant research, theory and practice, and assessment of students with literacy and numeracy difficulties.

For further details on entry requirements or view course details click here- https://handbook.unimelb.edu.au/view/current/GC-EDSLD


Macquarie University Postgraduate Certificate in Special Education (Learning Difficulties)

This course can be taken part time over 1 to 1.5 years, either internally or externally (distance).  Admission requirement is a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.  The course is open to trained teachers as well as graduates in other fields such as psychology, occupational therapy, speech pathology, or health and social services who are working with individuals with learning difficulties.  The course comprises three units, covering:
•    Effective Instruction for Students with Special Education Needs
•    Effective Literacy Instruction
•    Effective Numeracy Instruction
This course has been designed to assist teachers and clinicians who are working with students with learning difficulties.  The approach taken is non-categorical, the emphasis being on the literacy and/or numeracy problems encountered by students and not the underlying aetiology. Central to this course is the instructional technology that has been identified in the literature as being effective in teaching students who have difficulties in learning. Selection of content for literacy and numeracy programs, the focus of these programs, and the assessment of prerequisite skills are examined within an empirical framework. Students will be provided with many practical ideas for assessment and programming, always based on current research evidence.  
Students successfully completing the requirements for a Postgraduate Certificate may opt to transfer to the Postgraduate Diploma in Special Education or Master of Special Education by coursework.

For further information contact Ms Sharyn Gilkes, at sharyn.gilkes@mq.edu.au

Edith Cowan University Graduate Certificate of Education (Learning Difficulties)

Edith Cowan University provides a Graduate Certificate of Education (Learning Difficulties), which can be taken on campus or off campus.  The course can be taken full-time over one semester, or part-time over an equivalent period of time.  The course comprises four units, as follows:
•    Foundation Studies and Current Issues in Special Education
•    Strategies for Learning Difficulties
•    How Children Learn Literacy: Processes, Development, Difficulties
•    How Children Learn Mathematics: Processes, Development, Difficulties
The course is intended for trained teachers to prepare them for supporting students with specific needs in either a regular classroom or in a special education facility. It is designed to allow teachers to develop or enhance their skills and understandings in particular areas of specialised study, and provides studies of both a theoretical and practical nature.  Teachers will develop an understanding of the learning needs of students who for a variety of reasons have learning difficulties or learning disabilities.  It will also provide teachers with  knowledge and understandings of whole school approaches to supporting students at educational risk.
For further information see ECU handbook at http://handbook.ecu.edu.au/CourseStructure.asp?disyear=2011&CID=620&USID=0&UCID=0&UID=0&Ver=6.03&HB=HB&SC=PG



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