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Click here to read the 2015 NSW Education Centre for Education Statistics & Evaluation report on Reading Recovery: A Sector-Wide Analysis

Read about why the New Zealand National Literacy Strategy has failed and what can be done about it in LDA’s Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties, Vol.18, No2, 2013. Click here

Read the recent article in the Learning Difficulties Australia Bulletin Vol 45, No 3. Click here

Reading Recovery and the failure of the New Zealand National Literacy Strategy

Professor Bill Tunmer and Professor James Chapman, Massey University, New Zealand

LDA Symposium 5 September 2014

New Zealand has a relatively uniform approach to literacy instruction and intervention. The central government sets national reading standards, produces beginning reading materials and instructional guides for teachers, and funds and monitors two intervention programs for struggling readers: Reading Recovery for children struggling to learn to read after a year of schooling, and Resource Teachers: Literacy for children with persistent reading problems.

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Reading Recovery and Failure of the New Zealand National Literacy Strategy

Professor Bill Tunmer and Professor James Chapman, Massey University, New Zealand

Symposium 3 September 2014

Presented by LDA, SPELD NSW, Sydney University Faculty of Education and Social Work

This presentation summarises arguments and evidence showing that New Zealand's National Literacy Strategy has failed and the role of Reading Recovery in contributing to that failure. Data from the Progress in International Reading Literacy Studies (2001, 2006, 2011) indicates that no progress has been made in reducing New Zealand's relatively large inequities in literacy achievement outcomes.

Click here for the Powepoint presentation (PDF).

Click here to hear the recording of this session. http://webconf.ucc.usyd.edu.au/p1lf9u4f80a/


Reading Recovery is the most widely used early intervention program for poor readers in Australian schools. Read about how the remedial reading program Reading Recovery has failed in New Zealand, in Jewel Topsfield’s article in The Age, 2 September 2014.

Click here Article "Reading recovery needs revision": http://m.theage.com.au/victoria/reading-recovery-a-failed-program-20140902-10biol.html


The Snow Report, 7 September 2014, published a blog titled: Reading Recovery and Cassandra’s Curse. The report starts by saying: Last week, I attended a quite depressing but excellent seminar organised by LDA entitled Reading Recovery and the Failure of the New Zealand National Literacy Strategy, presented by Professors Bill Tunmer and James Chapman (both of Massey University). The seminar was very well attended, with senior policy folk from the state and Catholic sectors present, as well as a number of education and speech pathology academics and practitioners, teachers, tutors, and other interested parties. The questions and comments from the floor were many. TO findout why it was depressing, read the summary paper.at: http://pamelasnow.blogspot.com.au/


The Cognitive Foundations of Learning to Read: A Conceptual Framework for Teaching Beginning Reading – William E. Tunmer, Institute of Education, Massey University

Research indicates that the most effective beginning reading teachers share three characteristics in common. First, they have a broad understanding of the cognitive-developmental processes involved in learning to read, an understanding that guides the many instructional decisions that they make each day. Second, they can determine what beginning readers already know and what they still need to learn to become skilled readers. Third, they can provide students with targeted instruction that directly addresses their individual literacy learning needs.



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