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LDA Tertiary Student Award

The LDA Tertiary Student Award is presented in recognition of significant research which advances the understanding of theoretical and practical issues in the field of learning difficulties, carried out by a student in the course of their tertiary level studies. The Award is based on the submission of a research article to LDA, which will be considered for publication in the Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties.


Previous Recipients

2017 No award was presented

2016 No award was presented

2015 Dr Danielle Colebrander

2014 Dr Wendy Moore

2013 No award was presented

2012 Jennifer Buckingham
2011 No Award

2010 No Award

2009  Dr Saskia Kohnen

2008  Anne Bellert

2007  Gary Woolley

2006  Elizabeth Twomey

2005  Not awarded

2004  Chris Lightfoot

2003  Not awarded

2002  Jenine Fogarty

1999  Barbara Kroll

1998  Cheryl Greinke, Queensland University of Technology

1997  Kerry Dale, University of Newcastle

1996  Sarah Hopkins, Flinders University


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