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LDA is an association of teachers and other professionals dedicated to assisting students with learning difficulties through effective teaching practices based on scientific research.


LDA Award Presentations in Melbourne 21 March 2015 included

2014 AJLD EMINENT Researcher Award to Dr Louisa Moats

2014 Mona Tobias Award to Mandy Nayton

Special Award to Emeritus Professor Kevin Wheldall – in recognition of his services to LDA, particularly his contribution to our LDA publications.

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2015 LDA 50th Anniversary Celebration March 2015 – Professional Learning Tour with Dr. Louisa Moats

Dr Louisa Moats, internationally renowned specialist in reading difficulties and recipient of the 2014 LDA AJLD Eminent Researcher Award and 2013 Orton Award from the International Dyslexia Association for her outstanding contributions to the field of learning difficulties, toured Australia as part of LDA’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations. Dr. Moats presented at various events in Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne providing a theoretical and practical perspective on research-based literacy instruction. Her presentations included insights into why learning to read is difficult, what factors are necessary for effective code-based instruction and how best to teach vocabulary and comprehension.    

Members of LDA can access session hand outs from Dr Louisa Moats' seminar from the Members Only section of this website.

Call for Submissions and Workshops

Instruct to Improve: Creating Better Practice in the Classroom. Biennial Conference hosted by LDA, SPELD QLD and LSTAQ - Brisbane 18 -19 September 2015.

Call for submissions and  Workshops

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Current Issues

The National Curriculum

LDA references to lack of teacher training in the teaching of phonics and understanding phonics role in learning to read were quoted in the National Curriculum Review: Click here to see LDA's submission or click here to see the Review.

Is Reading Recovery failing the New Zealand Literacy Strategy - what is the evidence?

Massey University academics Professors Bill Tunmer and James Chapman presented evidence indicating the remedial reading program Reading Recovery has failed in NZ and needs to be replaced with one that targets children most at risk of failing to learn to read.

Click here for the relevant Reading Recovery research, to hear Professors Tunmer and Chapman present and other resources.


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BulletinVolume 47, No 1, Autumn 2015

Volume 19, No 2, November 2014Journal

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Professional Learning

Conferences & Seminars:

March 2015 – LDA National Tour with Dr Louisa Moats

Dr Louisa Moats, recipient of LDA’s AJLD Eminent Researcher Award, visited Australia in March 2015. Dr Moats has written extensively on the importance of code-based literacy instruction and better teacher preparation in many influential scientific journals, books and policy documents. Her Award paper, entitled What Teachers Don’t Know and Why They Aren’t Learning It: Addressing the Need for Content and Pedagogy in Teacher Education, will be published in the November issue of the Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties (Volume 19, No 2). Louisa Moats, a leading critic of the whole language approach to teaching reading, has contributed widely to the body of reading and spelling instruction knowledge.

Further background information on Louisa Moats click here.

Click here to read Lousia Moats article Systematic, not "balanced" instruction in the October 2014 LDA Bulletin.

Click here for Louisa Moats significant paper Teaching Reading Is Rocket Science and more Louisa Moats Resources.

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