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LDA is an association of teachers and other professionals dedicated to assisting students with learning difficulties through effective teaching practices based on scientific research.


LDA Position Statement - Approaches to Reading Instruction

LDA Supports approaches to reading instruction that adopt an explicit structured approach to the teaching of reading and are consistent with the scientific evidence as to how children learn to read and how best to teach them.

Click here to read LDA's Position Statement as published in the LDA Bulletin.

Click here for an extended version of LDA's Position Statement with substantiating references.


LDA 2015 50th Anniversary LDA and AJLD Awards – Click here to see the complete 2015 LDA Celebration Awards report

AJLD Eminent Researcher Award to Professor Max Coltheart - His Award paper, What sort of thing causes children’s reading difficulties?, will be published in Vol 20 Number 2 edition of the Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties.

AJLD Early Career Researcher Award to Dr Tanya Serry. Her paper, What’s in a word? Challenges facing the term developmental dyslexia in an Australian context co-authored with Dr Lorraine Hammond, will be published in Vol 20 Number 2 of the Australian Journal Learning Difficulties.

AJLD Early Career Researcher Highly Recommend to Dr. Anne Bellert

LDA Mona Tobias Award to Professor Brian Byrne.

LDA Tertiary Student Award to Dr Danielle Colenbrander.


Other upcoming LDA Events

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Current Issues

Interventions to Remediate Learning Disorders

Efficacy research review of current LD brain changing interventions by Auckland University’s Centre for Brain Research and School of Psychology for SPELD New Zealand, provides an objective overview of a number of popular brain-training interventions.

Click here to read this 2015 report.

Is Reading Recovery failing the New Zealand Literacy Strategy - what is the evidence?

Massey University academics Professors Bill Tunmer and James Chapman presented evidence indicating the remedial reading program Reading Recovery has failed in NZ and needs to be replaced with one that targets children most at risk of failing to learn to read.

Click here for the relevant Reading Recovery research, to hear Professors Tunmer and Chapman present and other resources.

The National Curriculum

LDA references to lack of teacher training in the teaching of phonics and understanding phonics role in learning to read were quoted in the National Curriculum Review: Click here to see LDA's submission or click here to see the Review.

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No 2, November 2014

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Professional Learning

Conferences & Seminars:

Online Professional Development

A Free Online Course, Supporting Children with Difficulties in Reading and Writing to learn why some children have so much difficulty with reading and writing, and best practice in teaching literacy

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Online Phonics Training Course

A new online phonics teaching training course covering the essentials of teaching systematic synthetic phonics & its integration with wider reading, spelling and writing.

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August 2015 - Professor Julian Elliott and the “dyslexia debate” in Australia

Julian (Joe) Elliott, Professor of Educational Psychology at Durham University in the UK and co-author of the book The Dyslexia Debate (with Elena Grigorenko,2014), delivered a series of presentations in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane focusing on issues raised in The Dyslexia Debate. The purpose of the presentations was to clarify the key arguments in this debate, and to consider the relevance of this debate to the way in which students with reading difficulties are identified and supported.

Click here for relevant Dyslexia Debate research and resources, and to hear Professor Elliott speak.

March 2015 – LDA National Tour with Dr Louisa Moats

Dr Louisa Moats, recipient of LDA’s AJLD Eminent Researcher Award, visited Australia in March 2015. Dr Moats has contributed widely to the body of reading and spelling instruction knowledge, and written extensively on the importance of code-based literacy instruction and better teacher preparation. 

Click here to read Lousia Moats article Systematic, not "balanced" instruction in the October 2014 LDA Bulletin.

Click here for Louisa Moats significant paper Teaching Reading Is Rocket Science and more Louisa Moats Resources.

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