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Other Conferences and Research Seminars

This section provides a listing of non-LDA Conferences. Research Seminars and other professional learning opportunities of relevance to the area of learning difficulties. All external events are publicised at LDA's discretion, but LDA accepts no responsibility for their value or the evidence base of what may be promoted.

The Learning Difference Convention

This annual literacy and learning difficulties event links delegates to support networks, teacher training, resources, research, authors and  information, all relating to learning differences such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, ADHD and Autism. Speakers for 2017 include those well known to LDA including Professor Tom Nicholson (NZ) Professor of Literacy Education, Alison Clarke, former LDA Vice-President Speech Pathologist and Wally Howe, Educational and Developmental Psychologist.  The Convention also features international speakers including John Stein (UK) emeritus Professor of Neuroscience and Ross Lugg ( NZ) an educational specialist, whose main focus is remedial literacy teaching and learning difficulties/disabilities.

Date: Melbourne 25th February & Sydney 2nd and 3rd March

See website for venue details http://www.learningdifferenceconvention.com/

Dyslexia Speld Foundation Western Australia Conference
In March 2017, The Dyslexia Speld Foundation (DSF) of Western Australia will be hosting a major conference titled “Language, Literacy and Learning”. Details are still being finalised, so the full program of speakers is not yet available. However, keynote presenters will include Professor Kenn Apel (USA) author of the highly regarded SPELL and SPELL-LINKS suite of resources; Deb Masters (NZ) author and Director of Visible Learning; Professor Susan Gathercole (UK) internationally renowned  publisher and researcher on Working Memory; Professor Kate Nations (UK) from Oxford University who’s knowledge bank on language development, reading, written expression, and particularly comprehension is substantial;  Associate Professor Craig Hassad (AUS) Co-ordinator of Mindfulness programs at Monash University; and LDA’s own Professor Pamela Snow (AUS) Department Head of La Trobe University Rural Health School. Pamela is both a psychologist and speech pathologist with a strong interest in oral language and the transitional impact of this on reading acquisition.   

Date: 3oth March 2017 – 1st April 2017
Venue: Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
DSF are currently in the process of ‘a call for papers’, for those that may be interested in presenting. Please visit DSF WA to keep abreast of news regarding this event. Professional learning calendar https://dsf.net.au/events/


SPELD PD events

See individual state SPELD websites for information regarding relevant PD in the area of learning difficulties in each state.
For State SPELD contact details go to http://auspeld.org.au/state-associations


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Past Professional Learning

Past Professional Learning Events, 2016

Managing Your Consultant Professional Practice - Saturday 16 April 2016 at 2.00pm

The Consultants’ Committee of LDA invited consultant members, and other interested members, to attend a learning opportunity session, focusing on the obligations, ethics and management of working in a private practice. Speakers were members of the Consultant Committee.

Professor Maryanne Wolf to present in September 2016

LDA is honoured to host Professor Maryanne Wolf in Australia, a unique opportunity for teachers, speech pathologists, psychologists, researchers and policy makers to hear such an acclaimed researcher who has significantly contributed to our understanding of the neurological underpinning of the reading brain and whose theoretical perspective has led to practical interventions which have assisted thousands of students who struggle with reading.

Professor Wolf will present on the following dates:
Brisbane Friday 2 September - This event is now closed.
Sydney Wednesday 7 September - This event is fully booked.
Melbourne Friday 9 September - Please contact LDA office (9890 6138) to discuss availability of places.

Leaving Nothing to Chance - How Explicit Instruction can prevent early literacy difficulties.

This event is now fully booked and closed for registrations.

Presented by Dr Lorraine Hammond and Brooke Wardana
Tuesday 18th October 2016, 9.00am to 3.00pm
Bentleigh West Primary School, 23 Brewer Road, Bentleigh Vic.

Explicit Instruction gives struggling students an academic advantage when learning to read. This approach leaves nothing to chance and does not make assumptions about skills and knowledge that children will acquire on their own. In Australia, the National Inquiry into Teaching Literacy (2005) recommended the importance of systematic, direct and explicit phonics instruction so that children master the essential alphabetic code-breaking skills required for foundational reading proficiency. In Western Australia, Louden (2015) investigated high performing primary schools in socially disadvantaged suburbs and found that these schools taught synthetic phonics in the early years in an explicit, systematic and direct way. With many schools in Australia introducing an explicit approach to literacy, this practical seminar will outline the challenges for schools, what’s involved in planning instructional sequences and how to deliver Explicit Instruction in the areas of reading, writing and spelling in the early years.

For session details click here.

To register online click here or download registration form click here (This event is now fully booked).

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